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SAG ADVOCATS AGENTS has been born after more than 15 years of professional experience in both sectors LAW and REAL ESTATE, with the aim to offer to our clients an INTEGRAL SERVICE as a better solution for them.

Therefore SAG ADVOCATS AGENTS joins in a sole firm two departments completely different but at the same time complementary, i.e. LEGAL DEPARTMENT and REAL ESTATE DEPARTMENT.

The coordination of both departments is handled under the strict direction and supervision by MISS SUSANA ALBORCH GONZALEZ, bilingual Spanish/ English, SPANISH LAWYER IN PRACTICE, member of the Bar Association of Lawyers of Valencia, (no.6672) and Alicante (no.5381), and member of the association of REAL ESTATE AGENTS, Alicante, (no. 817) To further her experience, she has also attended a vast number of courses for specialisation in matters relevant to the activities of our office. This should give our clients the security and trust of knowing they are in professional hands and gives a stamp of guarantee.

Our international team is completed also with the experience of our financial and estate advisers, Mr. ARILD STRØMSMOEN, Mr. PATRIK GIL HAKANSSON and Miss ELISABETH STRØMSMOEN who offer to our clients their knowledge in the sector and the possibility to be attended in Spanish, English, and also the Scandinavian languages.

In specific matters outside the competence of our office, we collaborate with chosen experts under our coordination and control, to give our clients a complete assistance to their needs.



QUALITY SERVICE which means SATISFIED CLIENTS. For us every case is the most important and its solution is our aim.

ETHICS is our COMMITMENT, and we comply with the national and international Deontological rules that oblige our profession and the obligations following the memberships of the professional associations.